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Neomi Rhyne

Not only does The Mentor Method make stronger matches between your employees, we provide a framework, resources, and proven methodology to make the relationship effective.

The problem isn't your people; It's your process.

Try ours.


The Mentor Method is a social enterprise that provides curated mentor matches, connecting the next generation of tech leaders with change-making mentors at the top of their game.

Our process focuses on people and value-fit first, to foster authentic, lasting connections. The result is stronger teams and inclusive workplace cultures.

Transform today's entry and mid-level talent into fearless leaders for tomorrow ready to tackle the most complex business challenges. With an inclusive, next-generation culture rooted in mentorship, they'll be 100% engaged along the way.


We started The Mentor Method because we wanted to create a world where minorities and women in tech are viewed as assets, not a way to check a box.


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Meet The Team


Janice is certified in Entrepreneurship from MIT and is completing a graduate certification in Strategic Management from Harvard. Accelerators including MIT's Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, the 1776 Global Accelerator, and SEED SPOT support Janice for her strong understanding of business development and approach to solving problems. Janice also attended the White House Summit on Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow and top 10 finalist in Rent the Runway Foundation's Project Entrepreneur.

Brandon Chase
Brandon Chase

Brandon Chase Sales Strategy Brandon is a leader, speaker and mentor who has built Customer Success teams from the ground up. As the Director of Customer Success at Aquicore, his team achieved 95% revenue retention, 65% of total revenue through the expansion of existing accounts and a customer satisfaction score (NPS) of +65. He accomplished this by creating scalable processes, implementing best-in-class tools and hiring a purpose driven team.

Jennifer Ives
Jennifer Ives

Jennifer Ives is the SVP of 3Pillar’s Technology industry team. Jennifer is a seasoned business leader who has 20+ years of experience working with technology companies to help fuel strategic growth. Over the course of her career, she has worked with technology companies that range in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She oversees a team at 3Pillar that works with a diverse portfolio of clients and includes software, security, and venture-backed startup companies.


Mentor Method Advisor, Angel Investor, Former Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion at Target

Hi, I'm Janice. Here's my story.

I'm passionate about this problem because of my own search for a mentor early in my career. I knew finding a mentor was important for my career development, so I set out to find one at my first job out of college.

The journey to find a mentor was long, full of awkward or painful moments. I spent time at too many networking events in hopes of meeting the right mentor. I tried in-office mentor programs only to be disappointed by the program’s results. I had no say in who I was matched with and felt coerced into speaking “on brand”. My “mentors” were deeply ingrained in the company’s culture, unable to consider my personal goals beyond the workplace.

Based on those experiences, I’m confident there are many other young professionals disillusioned by the mentor search. Finding a mentor should be rewarding from the start. I want to make sure that it's easier for minorities to get past the initial career roadblocks and, with a mentor’s guidance, start harnessing the power of their strengths and goals.


Our mission is to make it easier for advocates of tech's future to reach driven, diverse women and people of color using the power of mentoring. Our vision is to be the leading community of hustlers and hackers, creating cultures driven to design the future.

The Mentor Method is a social enterprise, and as such reinvests the majority of its gross revenue to ensure the fulfillment of its mission.