We're changing the way women meet mentors.
Our modern approach to building real connections
The Mentor Method's process ensures mentoring catches up with the times, delivering personally selected mentor matches online.

What do I get out of mentoring?

You're getting access to the rising stars of Washington, DC. You'll sharpen your career skills, give back to future leaders, meet potential new hires, and stay up to date on the latest career trends. We also pay our mentors for each positive mentor relationship developed.

How much is membership?

Mentees pay a one-time fee of $199. We offer scholarships for women interested in joining The Mentor Method as a mentee on a case-by-case basis. Mentors join for free.

Your mentors are just a click away! Don't miss out on meeting 
hand-picked mentors who will help transform your career. 

Is my contact information shared with all members?

No. Mentees will not have your contact information until you share it with them. You will receive messages through our platform to keep your contact information private.

Are your mentors qualified to be a mentor?

Yes! Our goal is to connect you with mentors who will help you become the best version of yourself. Our mentors include women who have been featured in Washington Business Journal's 40 under 40, CEOs, business owners, executives, and DC influencers with years of career experience and success. Trust us, you'll want to learn from these women!

How long is my membership?

Membership is for a 4-month program. This gives you access to our member's site and unlimited introductions to mentors within your plan, in-person events, interviews, and resources to build your best career.

How do you match me with mentors or mentees?

Mentoring won't work if you're matched with people who won't "get" you. We match based on personality and career goals so you create a stronger connection to your mentor or mentee.

How often do I meet with my mentee or mentor?

You should meet with you mentor at least once-a-month. After meeting with your mentor or mentee, you can determine how often you'd like to touch base. Do what works best for you and your matches!

Reaching out is intimidating. What can I do?

We've got you covered. You will receive a toolkit that includes 15 templates to help you make introductions.

How many mentors can I communicate with?

You have unlimited access to the mentors within your plan

Can I communicate with matches after the program?

Yes! We want you to build relationships with mentors. You'll be meeting with the mentors in person. At that point, exchange contact information so you can continue meeting with them after the program.

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