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Everyone tells you to "get a mentor", but no one tells you how. Until now. This course will walk you through where you can find a mentor, what traits to look for (and avoid), how to build a relationship that lasts, and how to make the ask. We took everything we did wrong as young mentees, and everything we wish a mentor had told us, and put it into an awesome course specifically for you.



How you can advocate for diversity when you're not the Head of HR

Tired of workplaces with a lack of diversity? So were we. Want to be seen as an asset, and not a token? We get it. This course walks you through how you can be a part of your company's future: championing for diversity and inclusion without losing your job.

Worried this is only for "diverse" professionals? Think again. We don't think diversity and inclusion should be exclusive. We'll help you understand diversity and inclusion, why it matters, and how you can get involved.


What is leadership?

Our leadership course is for people who are serious about success as a next-level leader. We help you stress less, and hustle more.

Making the jump to manager, team leader, or mid-level can be exciting and tricky to manage. Rise above the noise and get the tools you need to be successful. Come for the lack of cliche business BS advice. Stay for the mentoring from real experts sharing practical advice that's worked (and hasn't worked) for experts, and the real talk you need to hear..

"I feel incredible to be able to help, and happy for her new career path. And thanks for The Mentor Method to making the connection."

- Raashee, CEO, Digital Marketing Consulting firm


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