Mentor Matching to accelerate diverse talent inclusion and development

Our software helps Human Resource departments affordably match your diverse talent to mentors within your organization, so diverse talent is more likely to succeed, stay, and grow in their career. 

  • Software that matches mentors with mentees to increase inclusion

  • Your Engagement Dashboard gives real-time progress reporting 

  • Surveys, quizzes, and automated messages to help your employees succeed 

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How we're different

As someone who is responsible for your company's diversity, inclusion and development, you're probably facing many of the same challenges that our clients face. That can include a lack of resources, time, budget, and not knowing where to start to improve your diverse talent development.


In the time it would take you to plan, research, develop, test and launch an inclusive workforce development and mentorship platform from scratch, you could have used The Mentor Method’s platform and seen results. The Mentor Method is a cost-effective tool to help reach your inclusion metrics through mentorship.

The ROI is tangible with the first 2 employees that stay with your company for more than 6 months after using The Mentor Method methodology.

What we provide

Match your diverse talent to mentors within your organization. We go beyond the surface with an algorithm that reduces implicit bias.


A people-focused methodology that empowers your team to successfully build a mentor relationship. We make it easy to get started and reduce drop-off.


We provide content, resources, and training to take the guesswork out of mentorship. Bonus: you save money in workshop and seminar costs.


You need to prove your success metrics are being met. Your custom dashboard gives you the data and reporting to make smarter business decisions.

Not only does The Mentor Method make stronger matches between your employees, we provide a framework, resources, and proven methodology to make the relationship effective.

"I feel incredible to be able to help, and happy for her new career path. And thanks for The Mentor Method to making the connection."


- Raashee, CEO, Digital Marketing Consulting firm


Why Partner With Us?

Your next generation diversity, inclusion and employee engagement solution


We’re about more than just checking a box, and we know you are too. An inclusive culture that looks like tomorrow is a must-have for business survival and for society. 


We’ve walked in the shoes of the people you’re trying to find. That’s how we knew what to create to equate with success.


Our customizable platform gives you the structure and tracking for success. All relationships are two-way and have milestones that measure their success.  

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