Junior Product Manager

Job Description:

The Mentor Method is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS startup searching for flexible go-getters who welcome the challenge of meeting the needs of a growing business. We are explicitly looking for people at the beginning of their career who are excited about creating new products and improving upon existing ones, for both enhanced customer experience and increased profitability.


The Junior Product Manager is a unique blend of design (UX/UI & product), technical, and business professional. They are generally responsible for researching, understanding, and communicating the needs of the customers to the product team and eventually throughout the entire business. The Junior Product Manager produces and translates well-written recommendations via narrative, user flows, journey maps, wireframes, prototypes, and high fidelity mock ups, etc across product, technical development, sales, and marketing teams. The Junior Product Manager develops an intimate understanding of the consumer base and what is important to them. They then use this knowledge to identify opportunities and derive strategies for the business’s product portfolio and consolidate it into the product roadmap.

The Junior Product Manager will also, under supervision, conduct all analysis, such as: Win/Loss, competitor, SWOT and technology benefit analysis. You will determine market sizes of potential markets and their potential. Together with your colleagues you will evaluate the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and derive. 


Objectives & Responsibilities:

  • Research & Analysis: 

    • Analyze competitor activity & company sales to support product positioning, benefit arguments, and sales arguments for the target segments

    • Regularly interview customers and non-customers to identify current market problems and support customer success and sales teams

    • Identify & synthesize market trends to predict future needs

  • Design: 

    • Draft specifications & user stories, and manages projects through development, QA, testing, and launch

    • Optimize customer experience with user flows, journey maps, wireframes, prototypes, and eventually high fidelity UX/UI designs which will be put into production

  • Strategic Roadmap Contribution: 

    • Define the product vision and manifest that vision in enhancements and strategies

    • Creation and prioritization of the market requirements for current and future products on the basis of scenarios taken from the real world and the results of the market analysis

    • Build a strategic product roadmap that fits in with the overall company strategy and keep leadership abreast of changes and resulting implications 

    • Support the KPI definition and control (creation, threshold value determination)

    • Support in the creation of strategic decision proposals based on all market facts, results of the analyses (competitor, SWOT, target segments etc.), evaluations (KPIs, product profitability), further information on the business plan as well the calculation of the business case

  • Product Lifecycle Management: 

    • Identify new opportunities, service improvements, and cost reductions.

    • Contributes to the determination of pricing and profitability of the product, inclusive of the approval of special pricing where necessary.

    • Work with the developers to deliver quality features and products within the expected timeline

  • Other Duties: 

    • Timely, efficient, and effective collaboration & communication across departments

    • Being answerable to the senior product manager, the Junior Product adopts other roles as assigned by his seniors or any other employer representative.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • High levels of creativity and strong UX/UI design and/or product design skills with experience creating user flows, journey maps, wireframes, prototypes, high fidelity mockups, and product stories with acceptance criteria

  • Experience/education in the field of technology, marketing, finance, economics, business administration, or product management

  • Great people skills and good communication skills

  • Strong analytical, strategic and coordinating/organizational skills in a fast paced environment

  • A high degree of personal initiative, learning ability and willingness to learn are a basic prerequisite

  • Knowledge of Figma or other design software

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Financial analysis and budget tracking 

  • Knowledge of HubSpot, Jira, FreshDesk, Google Apps, Microsoft Office is a plus

Included Benefits 

  • Flexible PTO Policy including “First Friday” a mental health day on the First Friday of each month 

  • Healthcare benefits 

  • $100 mental health stipend

  • Facetime with executives at the company on a weekly basis 

  • Fully remote role  

Interview Format

  • 15 min informational interview

  • 1 hour practical interview reviewing a prepared assignment

To Apply​

  • Email us at the link below 

  • Send us a resume and a portfolio or example of your UX/UI work

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