Leave your legacy

Make a difference in a young woman's life as a career mentor

Do your part to catapult a future leader to success.
Watch your own career change, too.

The Mentor Method provides curated mentor matches, connecting ambitious millennial women destined for leadership positions with Washington, DC's influential mentors at the top of their game.


Our mentor selection process ensures women with potential to become next-level change-makers are provided with meaningful 1-on-1 mentoring. Get access to an exclusive network of local influencers with in-person networking events, workshops, and more.


Our program empowers mentors to better reach their own goals by shaping the careers of others. The result is a mentor matching experience that profoundly impacts not only the lives of our mentees, but our mentors too.


Did you know?

Mentors make an average of $25,000 more a year



Mentors are promoted 6 times more often than those who did not mentor formally

Join as a mentor. Membership is 100% free!
In 15 minutes, we'll learn enough about you to get personalized matches
Get access to ambitious, top performers.
Meet one-on-one and build a gameplan for your mentee's career success

Give back in a big way

We donate 10% of every positive mentor match. The best part? You decide where and how we donate.

Donate to a charity of your choice. Don't worry, we'll help you make the donation

Donate towards a gift of free membership for a future mentee


Our mentors are leaders at innovative companies including:
Besides having a passion for mentoring young women, our mentors:

Know what it takes to reach career goals

They also know how to share that advice openly. Your mentee wants to learn from you. Be prepared to share your experiences. Identify ways they can reach their goals successfully, and help create a plan that will keep your mentee moving forward.

Deliver real feedback

You are a trusted source for honest advice and feedback. Sometimes that feedback will positive. Other times that feedback is a dose of constructive development. Either way, honesty is critical to building a strong mentor relationship with positive results.

Are accessible and approachable

Mentees need to know you have their back. Mentors are required to meet in person at least one time per month with their mentee and dedicate a total of 4 to 6 hours per month. This is an exciting and challenging time in the life of your mentee. Being available to answer questions, while respecting your own boundaries, is an important part of establishing trust in the mentor relationship.

Help mentees see their own gifts

Challenge, encourage, and push your mentees to reach for their goals and recognize the strength they have to achieve them.

Mentor questions

Is my contact information shared with all members?

No. Mentees will not have your contact information until you share it with them. You will receive messages through our platform to keep your contact information private.

What do I get out of mentoring?

You're getting access to the rising stars of Washington, DC. You'll sharpen your career skills, give back to future leaders, meet potential new hires, and stay up to date on the latest career trends. We also pay our mentors for each positive mentor relationship developed.