Peer and Group

Peer and group mentorships offer unique experiences, career growth, increase employee retention and satisfaction, and increase inclusion in the workplace.

Creative Office

The execution of new strategies stimulates growth.

Ideas, creative solutions to old problems, and fresh learning all promote the design and development of strategic initiatives. Mentoring is a dynamic way for an institution to promote intelligent stimulation and collaboration internally to generate creative ideas that encourage efficiency and growth. It can also be a powerful tool for addressing workplace diversity.

The Benefits of Peer and Group Mentoring

When people are new to the workforce, a fresh perspective can breathe life into their established norms and modes of thinking. However, this traditional and sometimes rigid mentoring model can often be difficult to navigate. There are alternatives, though: peer-to-peer and group mentoring.

Mentoring Solutions

Young Businesswomen

​The Mentor Method's nextgen mentoring software makes it quick and easy to implement peer, group, and traditional mentoring programs at companies of all sizes. The following are benefits to our unique offering:

  • Customizable algorithm to match mentors and mentees with one another on an individual basis. 

  • Existing technological support for implementation

  • Standard questionnaire for assessing the metrics of the individual or group

  • Examines skills, industry, and chemistry among peers

  • Mentors/mentees share thought processes about personal relationships, fears, etc.

  • An entire existing framework for the implementation of the program from front to back

  • Program duration: 4 months to 12 months

  • A program lead at the company site to provide data tracking the success of engagement

  • Questionnaire analysis at the end of the engagement to get feedback on whether the relationship has been successful