My podcast interview with Youngpreneurs

My interview with Youngpreneurs Podcast was just released! In the podcast, we talk about mentoring, daily routines, and the importance of trusting your intuition. Victor's show notes are below. To listen to the full podcast, click here.


Janice Omadeke is a Washington, DC native, and Founder of The Mentor Method. Through successfully mentoring and managing teams for Fortune 500 companies and boutique companies, she discovered her passion for mentoring and encouraging millennial women to “Create their Career Squad”. Janice was chosen to participate in the 2016 MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for changing the way women network and mentor. Janice is super inspiring you need to check this episode out!

The Beginnings

  • Janice grew up with her parents teaching her the importance of hard work, ambition, following one’s dreams, and being grateful.

  • She worked for various Fortune 500 companies after her education.

  • Janice drove up the wall to find a fitting career mentor, that’s when the idea of Mentor Method started.

Today’s Millennial Mindset

  • Janice noticed a problem; millennials quickly prance from one job to another.

  • Millennials badly affect their careers in the long term because they tend to fix their goals to companies they are not attached to.

  • This pending issue may root down towards the lack of guidance in our generation’s career paths. Janice wanted to solve this problem by providing the right mentors.

The Mentor Method

  • Mentor Method is a mentor matching service based in Washinton DC for women.

  • The company aims to provide mentors not just with the right experience, but also with a giving personality, to guide women in realizing their own career path.

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