The tech events you can’t miss this October

Fall 2016 mentee, Sonia Hinson, is a Web Developer at Booz Allen Hamilton and lover all things women in tech. She’s very involved in the DC tech scene and attending networking events. Here, Sonia shares an insider's guide for the best month in Tech for women in the DC-metro area. You can find DCFemTech on Twitter @DCFemTech. Follow Sonia on Twitter @SoniaHinson


For the past two years, I’ve been attending DCFemTech’s Tour de Code. When I first attended in 2014, I was looking to transition into the tech industry and get my first job as a developer. At that time, I didn’t know if I was even ready to make that switch. Meeting fellow women in the same position as me and career tech women at Tour de Code motivated me to reach my goals. By the next year I had landed that tech job that I was dreaming about, and I still come back to DCFemTech events to give back to fellow women wanting to also get into tech and pick up a few new tech skills on the way.

There are so many opportunities to learn a new technology or meet amazing women from all different paths this October. Here is a simple guide to navigate the festivities this month.

First, there are the social/networking events. Women Who Code will be screening the Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, a documentary that goes in depth into the lack of women in the tech industry. The Mentor Method is hosting a Women in Tech Mentor Power Hour, where women can ask powerful women leaders in the DC tech community their questions one-on-one.

There will also be plenty of meetups women can attend to learn about the latest technology or tech initiatives in DC. General Assembly as well as Mapbox are hosting tech talks ranging from data science to software development. Aspiring and professional developers and designers should definitely go to the panel at Dev | Design: Harmony in the Digital Space. Tech startups are popping up all over DC, and there handful of events showcasing their work. Check out the DC Women In Tech Showcase hosted by Lesbians Who Tech, the DC Startup Expo & Tech Job Fair and the DC Tech Meetup to learn about the newest tech companies in DC and network with hundreds of tech professionals.

For women whose mantra is “learning by doing”, there are meetups that not only teach coding, but provide mentoring and exercises to master those newly acquired skills. Women Who Code puts on weekly labs that teaches women various coding languages. From the Front End Lab for those wanting to learn web design to mobile programming at Android night, attendees get a space to work on their projects and gain mentorship from the event’s organizers. Ladies new to coding should make sure to attend the beginners’ night! Hear Me Code also hosts free classes to teach women to code in Python and build websites in Django.

There are hackathons in October where women can spend the day working with developers and designers to build their tech ideas into reality. The 4th annual Tech Lady Hackathon not only allows for women to work on apps and projects together, it also hosts workshops during the day ranging from data science to web development and even career advice.

Whether you are interested in learning a new skill or wanting to see what the DC tech community is all about, Tour de Code has opportunities for all women to get inspired.

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