Ciara Lee's take on being a mentor with The Mentor Method

Not only is Ciara Lee incredibly busy, she's managing her multiple hats with a positive attitude and great resilience. Ciara is the Director of Outreach for Ladies America. On top of that, Ciara is a Transaction Manager at leading real estate tech startup, COMPASS.

Despite her busy schedule, she's made time to be a mentor with The Mentor Method. When asked to define mentoring in her own words, she defined mentoring as "giving someone the advice and resources you did not have early in your career." This had our team intrigued to learn more about her background, the start of her career and the resources she wished she had at the start of her career. Her story was too inspiring to paraphrase, so we're sharing exactly what she said.

"I have sought many mentors within accomplished professionals, to help me navigate my career path and I must say, finding a good mentor is HARD."

"From choosing a major in college, which was initially civil engineering, to navigating the job market, I have faced many up and downs throughout my journey. My father, a first generation American citizen from Vietnam, owns a construction business that my mother helps run while she sells real estate. Neither of them finished high school since they had me at a young age and I was the first to attend college on my father's side of the family. I was not versed on internships or guided on how to break into the corporate job market.

Thankfully, the adversity provided me with many lessons. Some which may have discouraged others from pushing forward towards their goals. Along the way, I have sought many mentors within accomplished professionals, to help me navigate my career path and I must say, finding a good mentor is HARD. Fortunately, I've had my family and an equally ambitious support system in my corner along the way. I am still and will always seek mentors in more advanced roles than myself to follow in their tracks and learn from their advice.

Through my experiences, I have become very passionate about providing support and guidance to young women seeking to better themselves and their career.

Luckily, I am now involved with The Mentor Method, which is a priceless resource to easily coordinate mentorships."

When asked who inspires her the most, Lee shared that her mother is her biggest inspiration."My mother had me at 16, going on 30 :). From a young age, she has always been a very strong willed and determined woman with a curiosity for the world. She possesses so many skills that I admire, but the one thing that is always at the top of my head that has been beneficial throughout my career is action planning. My mother would always have a handful of journals and pens within reach to write down her thoughts and and map out her plans. This has become therapeutic for me. Anytime I feel complacent or like I need to refocus, I jot down my goals, and from there construct a plan on how to make my goals tangible."

If you want to get personalized career advice from game-changing mentors like Ciara, it's not too late to join us! We're enrolling up to 25 women into our next cohort, starting January 1, which is perfect to kick of your 2017 goals! Join us today!

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