Do These 4 Things to Advance at a Startup

Working for a startup can be a career-changing experience. You’re given more freedom than you normally would have in a corporate environment. Often times, you’re able to work directly with the company’s CEO and play an integral part of the company’s success through more ownership. Despite the growing number of startups in the US, it can be tricky understanding how to navigate that landscape.

Ciara Lee, Transaction Manager at real estate technology startup COMPASS, and mentor with The Mentor Method, understands firsthand what it’s like to work for a startup and evolve throughout her career in a startup environment. We asked Ciara to share advice for those of you interested in doing the same.

Be prepared for growing pains such as constant changes to systems and procedures. “It’s great because the company will use the feedback from it’s employees to improve the current processes. You start to develop a keen eye for problem solving and start to try to identify new ways to implement changes that could possibly save the employees of the company time and save the company money.”

Take initiative. “There is so much opportunity in startups to really influence a company in its premature stages. COMPASS encourages solutions driven thinking so much that you are evaluated on it on an annual basis."

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