Why you need to have more parties at work

"Thank you for your dedication."

"I really appreciate the extra time you put into that project."

"Your clear communication led to this success."

"How great is it to hear those compliments?"

It’s the season of celebration. In addition to celebrating the holidays, it’s important to celebrate professional successes as well. Organizations and employees must recognize individual and team achievements. Just because a responsibility is “part of your job description”, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a thank you. As a supervisor, just because you have an “expectation”, doesn’t mean your employees don’t deserve a compliment for going the extra mile.

Here are 5 reasons we must celebrate successes at work:

  1. Celebrating accomplishments is crucial to maintaining employee morale. While Eeyore is cute, no one wants to work with a bunch of Eeyore’s. To prevent this, it is advantageous to celebrate successes. The 2015 Employee Recognition Report found that 86% of human resource professionals believe employee recognition programs lead to happier employees.

  2. Recognizing achievements can boost productivity. As a human race, we are motivated by success - especially when someone else recognizes our efforts. By highlighting the achievements of our colleagues, we can boost their productivity. When’s the last time you gave your office mate a high-five for being awesome? Unsolicited recognition is a win for everyone involved.

  3. No one wants to feel taken for granted. It’s truly one of the worst experiences to feel like you're taken for granted. No matter how humble you are, recognition and acknowledgement are important aspects to excelling in any position. As employees, it helps us feel good about how we contribute to an organization.

  4. Acknowledgment can boost self esteem. Most people enjoy celebrating accomplishments and events. Dopamine, a chemical in the body, has something to do with this. By celebrating successes and bragging about employees who meet and exceed goals, we can increase this happy chemical. This has the power to boost the self esteem of the individuals we work with.

  5. Compliments are a free investment in the most important asset, people. Companies invest a lot of money back into themselves. They invest in product development, marketing, communication, and packaging, but one of the easiest investments (and one of the only free investments) is to value their most important asset, the people who dedicate their time and energy into the organization.

So go buy a cake. Give your colleague a card of appreciation. Or simply, tell your co-worker, “Thank you”.

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