7 Career Habits to Break in 2017

Happy New Year! It’s such an exciting time, where everything seems possible. This is the perfect time to use the momentum of January to move you towards a successful rest of the year. We’re sharing 7 career habits that can hold you back from making 2017 a year with promotions, raises, and the success you’re working hard to reach.

  1. Eating lunch at your desk. Building connections with your coworkers is important to your career happiness, especially if you plan on staying at your job for a few years. Invite your cubicle neighbor to lunch, or create a regular lunch group. Having time away from your desk has a similar effect to recess on children. It’s a time to get away from work, have some fun, and recharge before getting back to your to-do list. Sometimes you just have to eat at your desk to beat a deadline, but if you can get away for even 30 minutes, you should make it a priority.

  2. Not networking at work. A lot of your success comes from demonstrating who you are at work. Instead of waiting until the time of your performance review to take your boss to coffee or start making conversation with leadership when you’re getting ready to petition for a raise, start laying the foundation early. Pop your head in your boss’s office on Monday morning to ask how their weekend went. Having regular conversations without an “ask” will make later conversations when you do have a request easier to navigate. You establish trust, a professional relationship, and build your credibility as an invested member of your team.

  3. Going at it alone. You know those stories about the overnight success that somehow had the answers to everything and achieved success completely alone? Those are total B.S. Every successful leader had help along the way. Whether it’s getting a second opinion on a major career decision, or asking the numbers guru in the office what accounting software to use at home, there is nothing wrong with tapping into the strengths of those around you to help you create a stronger version of yourself in return.

  4. Up speak. Up speak is a tendency to raise your voice at the end of sentences as if you’re asking a question. The video below goes into detail perfectly.

You should only sound like you’re asking a question if you’re actually asking a question. Otherwise, you’re devaluing your opinions and the amazing insights you have to share. What you have to say is important - be confident in the way you present your ideas.

  1. Stop leaving money on the table. Financial coach Maggie Germano weighed in with some career habits to break as well. “There are plenty of financial benefits that are separate from your annual salary. Make sure you're taking advantage of them. If your company has a 401k match, take it! It's free money that will save you in retirement. Even if you're not earning a lot of money yet, invest at least the matching amount in your 401k so that you can double your investment for free. The same goes for vacation and sick days. Those are paid days off that are included in your employee benefits package! And everyone is happier when you stay home while you're ill, and take time off to explore the world or see your family.”

  2. Stop staying quiet. “You're probably one of the smarter people in your office, right? Does everyone else know that? Start voicing your opinions and ideas, and you'll get noticed. The more you're noticed for how smart and hardworking you are, the more likely you'll get a promotion or a raise. And speaking up more often will also give you the confidence to ask for that promotion or raise.” says Germano.

  3. Not delegating. “We need to take a look at what drains us and hire out or ask for the help that we need so that we can focus our energies where our strengths lie.” Your time is better spent on tasks that you’re great at, than working on smaller tasks that someone is can accomplish in a faster time. For example, if it takes you over 80 hours to create one web page, it may be worth it to delegate the task to a graphic designer who can complete the same project in 30 hours.

What career habits are you going to break this year?

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