5 Digital Tools to Boost Your Productivity in 2017

We’re always looking to get more work done faster. Often, working faster can lead to less productivity. When more and more is being expected of us and our work, we find ourselves rushing through things, or checking out and not doing anything at all. With all the distractions the internet offers, it also provides a handy toolkit to bust out when you need a boost. Here are 5 digital tools that you can put to good use every day to be more organized and get more done.

1. Momentum

Would you like to see a beautiful nature picture and quote every time you open a new tab in Chrome? Heck yes! Download the Chrome plug-in “Momentum” to see a different photo every day, along with weather, a to-do list, an inspirational quote and a “good day!” message. Boom! Day brightened and productivity increased.

2. Google Tasks

Who knew Gmail has a built-in to-do list creator? Under your name or company logo, click the dropdown menu labeled “Mail” and select “Tasks.” A lovely list creator appears down by your chats on the right side. You can create lists for the day, week, year, and everything in between. Get checking off those to-dos!


Short for “if this, then that," IFTTT works as a trigger. Create and add recipes like, “When I get home, turn my lights on,” “When I post on Facebook, post the same thing to Twitter,” or “When I get to work, start tracking my hours in a GoogleDoc.” There is every recipe under the sun (my personal favorite, getting an email every time the President signs a bill) to make your personal and professional life more routine.

4. Self Control/ Cold Turkey

Too distracted by Facebook or email to get work done? Block it! Choose sites and apps to block using Self Control or Cold Turkey, and bask in the glow of uninterrupted focus time. Pick a couple hours, or a whole day. Not even restarting your computer can remove the website ban, so make sure you want to commit.

5. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracker. Millions of professionals use it around the world to stay focused, and take proper breaks. Its simple and sleek design assists with staying focused on one task for a certain period of time. It’s also helpful to delegate time throughout your day, especially during the afternoon slump.

Article Originally Appeared in Victori Media.

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