Stress Less, Hustle More: The Young Professional's Guide to Land a Job


Real-life lessons on how to go from broke, to woke and navigate the career landscape as a young professional.

We get it - getting that first job is HARD. But it doesn't have to be as painful. Say goodbye to longer hours, lower pay and ramen lunches. This workshop will give you tools to nail your job search, make connections that matter, and build a gameplan for success by the end of the summer.

Are you... A recent graduate looking for a paying job? Check. A young professional tired of your current job and ready for a new one? Check. Tired of being seen as the toke, and ready to be seen as an asset? DOUBLE check.

About The Mentor Method

The Mentor Method was started out of the desire to help women and people of color get opportunities to create successful careers at top companies. The result? You save time, get a hand-picked mentor with real advice you can use, and help you rise to the top.

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