Building a New Network in a New City Made Easy

Just as many Rom-Coms begin, two of our rising stars are moving to the big city to start a new and exciting chapter in their lives. The quirky, relatable hiccups in the predetermined plot are inevitable. It’s hard to move away and begin a new career! Luckily for these two, Giovanteey Bishop and Jennie Davis both know the importance of being ahead of the game. We will be excitedly welcoming Jennie to DC at the end of June and Giovanteey is a recent transplant. Despite barely, if at all, settling down in that in the nation’s capital, both young professionals have begun seeking mentors to aid their career development. It can be extremely challenging to move cities and begin to build a brand-new network, and without a network, it can be near impossible to find a job that you love quickly and easily. Both rising stars found The Mentor Method, which has services in place to help create a network and meaningful mentorship. We can all learn something from those who came before us, and TMM will help them do that in a meaningful (and fun!) way.

Jennie recently graduated from Duke University with a Masters in International Development Policy. She is currently working at a short-term internship with Mercy Corps for their Gender and Resilience Program. Her future plan is to work in gender development in the area of food security and has experience doing research in the field. Jennie is a woman of many talents and is fluent in French. Jennie hopes to learn from others and share the knowledge she has acquired. She will be do this by utilizing the best career advice she has received, “ask questions”. One of the skills she hopes to learn from her mentor is how to leverage her experience to become invaluable and to not let the knockdowns of her career navigation pull her under.

Jennie's Linkedin

Giovanteey recently moved to Washington D.C to jumpstart her career within the realm of government/public policy after serving as District Manager for State Representative David Rutledge of the 52nd District of Michigan. As both a recent graduate and recent transplant to a new area she is on a journey of self discovery. She is open to all opportunities of growth and expansion which has led her to seek a mentor. She is currently an admissions officer at Trinity Washington University, although she is looking for a position that is more aligned with her passion which is empowering women through advocacy/policy/running for office. On brand with the best career advice Giovanteey has ever received, “your path is not linear, learn to adapt.” She is in a transitional phase where she is seeking encouragement from a mentor, and looking to truly immerse myself in her career search. She would like a mentor to help her understand how to navigate the D.C job market for herself in a manner that positions her to be as successful as possible.

Giovanteey's Linkedin

Giovanteey and Jennie are both inspirational new members of our DC community. We welcome them and their giving spirits with open arms and the best wishes. Any seasoned professional employee knows that there will be twists and turns, both good and bad. A network of support will be there for them to celebrate the victories and recover and rebuild from the missteps. The services of the Mentor Method will help them to build their networks and create lasting business relationships that may aid them both in their goal to empower women. Mentors for these women will create positive connections that create roots in their new home.

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