Help! I NEED a new Career! Two women’s journey to change what they do

What do an elementary school teacher and an operations Analyst at Tiffany & Co. have in common? In this case, they are both dedicated woman who wanted to see a career change it a big way. And they both went to The Mentor Method for help in their big changes. Let’s take a look at Jessie Richardson and Larissa Kunes Martin to find out more.

Jessie Richardson, our elementary school teacher, is the quintessential example of a go-getter who took her career into her owns hands with support from her mentor, Lisa Rossi. Through working with Lisa, she transitioned into Operations for Flex Academies. The Mentor Method helped Jessie the most with her concerns about working with people from a different career background, “Coming from education, I was worried that someone with a different background wouldn't be able to understand or relate to my challenges. It turned out that it really wasn't a problem because the resume, job search, interview and negotiation processes apply to almost all industries and as long as you trust the person giving advice, that is the most important part.”

Jessie really enjoyed getting to know her mentor Lisa on a personal level. She plans to keep in touch and is curious to hear how her career continues to evolve. Jessie knows there will be many times when she need her sound advice due to starting a completely new career. The piece of advice that Jessie received from Lisa that she would pass to a future mentee is, “Don't underestimate yourself! Lisa continuously reminded me to be confident in my skills and my gut feelings. Hearing it definitely made me more confident in myself and my decisions”.

Overall, Jessie would recommend this program to others. It has helped her as she begins her new career. Jessie feels that, “the value of what I got was far greater than the financial investment. If I would have paid for all of the individual services I got from working with Lisa, it would have been very expensive. I also gained a long term professional mentor.”

When Larissa Kunes Martin began at The Mentor Method she worked as an Operations Analyst at Tiffany & Co. she now works as Digital Analyst at SCOUT. Her mentors are Michelle Stephenson and Raashee Gupta Erry who helped her to expand her network, increase industry knowledge, and believe in herself! Larissa and Michelle are both military spouses, which was valuable for Larissa to connect through shared experiences from a different side of their lives. This an example of the connections The Mentor Method aims to get out of each and every mentor/mentee relationship. The connection, made at one of The Mentor Method’s speed networking events, is more than the fact that they are the same gender or in the same field-- it is something that bonds them personally. For that reason,

Larissa plans to stay in touch with her mentors.

Larissa thinks that both of her mentors are great women to bounce ideas off of. The best advice they gave her was, “The job search can be exhausting and long, but keep working towards the role you really want. It's out there!” Overall, Larissa would recommend The Mentor Method.

Take the first step to be like Jessie and Larissa, find a career that satisfies you! Attend our next networking event, sign up for your very own mentor, and RSVP yes to our July 15th Leadership bootcamp.

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