Summer of Diversity and Inclusion

Sierra's Story

Today, I will bring you inside the offices of The Mentor Method, where I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sierra Duplantis, our Business Outreach Coordinator. She grew up in South Carolina and attends Clemson University. Although she has traveled widely and has a significant interest in International Law, this summer was her first time living and working in a big city. Washington has brought Sierra more than a job, friends, and lessons in political history, she has learned about diversity and inclusion in ways she never had before.

It’s easy to think of Sierra as a star on the big screen, in a plot featuring a smart, southern pre-law student moving north to pursue her career and learns of a radically different culture. Perfectly dressed in bright hues and always ready to hold the door open and say thank you. Like any good protagonist, she is prepared to learn and experience anything new that heads her way.

This includes what she has come to know about D&I. She says that the biggest things she learned was “how closed minded I was. Everyone in a small town thinks and acts differently than here.” Sierra was surprised by how many varying mindsets she has encountered in her short months here. Her exploration into diversity has been aided by The Mentor Method’s commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces. Sierra has affirmed something that many advocates of Diversity and Inclusion know, that diversity of thought results in happier, better workplaces.

Sierra also got her first formal mentor this summer. They are in the same career field and Sierra has loved the connections and events that they have gone to together. She admires a leader who is a go-getter, much like our CEO and Founder Janice Omadeke, who is known to literally not sleep until the job is done. I think that Sierra is on the path to becoming a leader in the same sense, especially based on the qualities that she admires in herself-- resilient, outgoing and positive. And if you met Sierra, I bet you would agree.

Sierra has been learning how to become a leader in her own right. To do so, she must harness the qualities she currently possess and continue to develop new ones. For example, she has already learned how to conduct herself in a business meeting and a strong elevator pitch but she is still looking to learn “how to not take no for an answer”. In addition to learning from a mentor and observing her boss, Sierra will learn a lot on July 15th at Un-Network: a new women’s leadership bootcamp that is hosted by the The Mentor Method. We will work on developing leadership skills and learn from successful women who came before us. Check out the event and purchase your tickets now, using the coupon code thenewinclusion for 30% off.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion, check out our website, and follow our socials-- Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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