Determination + Dedication = Results

Every coffee shop has its regulars, someone who comes in daily, loves the coffee, and believes in the company. If The Mentor Method was your java hotspot, then Tara Welytok would be that regular. Tara is one of the most dedicated member of The Mentor Method tribe, which is why it is so exciting to tell her story. Tara attends many of the events, has had a TMM mentor, and is always ready to fill out a survey to help future members. If I could give her a participation award, I would. And her dedication has led to success that is clear and tangible. She is living proof that our system works, and it helps everyone who leans in and does the work.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Tara relocated to Washington, DC and began her career working as a Network Planning Engineer at Cogent Communications. She knew that she wanted to grow and just did not know how, so she began looking for options to push her forward and The Mentor Method worked! She is now working as a Systems Engineer Adviser at CSRA Inc . This happened because of who Tara is as a person and a little nudge from The Mentor Method.

Tara and her mentor Rachel Koretsky became fast friends and Rachel gave Tara insight into her wealth of knowledge. Tara only takes advice from those she admires and Rachel fit that bill. Having a mentor is great! It widens your circle and connections. Rachel offered sage advice when Tara needed it-- the outside perspective really helped. When Tara was asked if she would stay in contact with her mentor Rachel, Tara responded, “yes, she was awesome!” Tara and Rachel were more than mentor and mentee, they really got to know each other on a personal level over coffees.

Tara already knew that working in engineering is not as horrible as everyone makes it seem. She enjoys her work! Tara was looking for a mentor who was able to help her learn how to get system requirements and work with people that don't understand technology to build a product they actually want and need. She has been able to achieve more career goals through her mentor’s advice. Rachel and Tara mostly talked about finding out how to get customer requirements for a product the customer wants.

Tara’s biggest takeaway from The Mentor Method was to really listen and ask questions instead of going into meetings looking for confirmation on her already determined ideas.

“Only listen to advice of people you admire”- T. Welytok on the best advice she has received in her career

Overall, Tara would recommend The Mentor Method to others. She describes it as, “incredibly helpful to get an outside perspective and advice. I also got a lot from being able to follow-up and ask for advice for the next stage or when I encounter a situation we didn't expect or talk about the first time”. Tara is a perfect example of what being dedicated to the system can do for you. She was able to find accomplish her goals by attending events such as our July 15th upcoming event; Unnetwork: the new women's leadership bootcamp (use coupon code 'thenewinclusion' for 30% off), The Mentor Method workshops and making the most of her mentor. When this dedication is combined with Tara’s ability, we know she will be unstoppable in her career.

Thanks a million to Tara for her advice and dedication to The Mentor Method!

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