Man with a Plan (and how to accomplish yours!)

The Mentor Method has the pleasure of introducing you to someone who is a self-described “man with a plan and the means to get it done”. Meet Vincient Booker, an HR Analyst and advocate for diversity & inclusion, mentor, and overall go-getter who has overcome obstacles to increase his salary by $25k in a short period of time. Does that kind of pay raise sound good to you? Read his interview for tips on how you can do the same (if you work for it).

Vincient says, “as a human capital management professional, everyday presents me with a new opportunity to practice what I preach”.

We can all learn so much from Vinicent, especially if you are looking for advice on the rough points of your career, mentors, and how to fearlessly represent yourself in the world-- especially at your workplace!

You’re going to hit rough points in your career and that’s ok. “In one year, I was laid off twice for everyday run-of-the-mill non-performance business reasons and it sucked. I was depressed and had almost 4 years of stagnant income growth thereafter.”

But The Man with a Plan bounced back, “In less than one year, my salary increased over $25k because I stayed true to the vision I had for myself and my career. I wanted to give up everyday, but eventually things worked out and my sacrifices were worth the wait”. And he sees his future just a brightly, “In 5 years, I will be someone's HR director with my own human capital advisory services practice and/or getting ready to start writing my dissertation.” And we know he will end up there too!

Get advice from mentors. Vincient has “had dozens of mentors and appreciate them all greatly for the many lessons and nuggets of wisdom they've imparted [on him] through the years that have carried [him] through some of [his] toughest times”. He is excited to be a mentor and “help someone reach their goals faster without much of the wasted time and effort.” And anyone would be excited to take advice from him.

When you’re a mentor, don’t keep your mentoring to just internal employees. Share the wealth for greater growth. “I think mentorship in all forms and capacities is definitely an added strategic benefit. I am a very outgoing, bold person so I am not afraid to reach out to someone and really put myself in a position of humility. I would encourage more people to do it, whether it’s formal or informal, I think it is important to get it out there and try to work it out.”

We at The Mentor Method love a dedicated mentor and know the value of being a mentee. Along those lines, Vincient is willing to share some of his advice to all of us who are trying to figure it out.

Show up and boss up. “Don't be afraid to have something worth saying. Don't be afraid to have something worth defending. Don't be afraid to have something worth presenting to the people with the power to make a meaningful difference.”

This advice is not just for people who went to college and checked all of the boxes of education. If you are one of the millions of smart, driven people without a four year degree, our Man with a Plan has your back.

“The beautiful thing about business is at the end of the day, a business is just a group of people with a set ambition. Hopefully, if you have a set goal and you measure it, your business will thrive and compete. You don’t need a four-year college degree to do that. Having a college degree is an asset, it is not necessarily a requirement, so someone without higher education can run a successful business. I think one thing that could be done is a monthly roundtable where different people from the community can present some ideas and do research about grant opportunities or business plan opportunities. I think one of the biggest issues that certain populations have is not access to knowledge, but the lack of knowing where to go for resources.”

Vincient really taught us a lot about boldly speaking up when we are passionate and informed. He fights for inclusion in the workplace and advocates for you to do so as well. But remember to stay informed and keep the goals of business in your field of view. Companies want to make money-- show them how inclusion and diversity can do just that for them!

Keep up and check out Vincient at his linkedin.

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