A Simple How To: Business Turn Offs

Maybe it is your first week in a new office and you’re worried about how you will come across. Or maybe you feel like you’re not as close with some of your co-workers as you feel like you should be. It’s possible that you don’t make any mistakes and you’re just here to gawk at those of us who are less than perfect. But, more likely than not, we have all made some mistakes. To help you avoid some business turn offs that may change the course of your career, check out this list.

10 Business Turn Offs

  1. Not showing up with a solution. Nothing is worse than when someone is constantly showing up with a problem and no solutions. It’s okay to have a problem-- we all do. However, come up with at least (preferably a few) solutions to solve it. Then go for help. Coming to the table with a problem and the solution, shows initiative and problem solving skills.

  2. Being late. Set an alarm, account for public transportation, plan to arrive 15 minutes before you need to. There is no excuse to be consistently late.

  3. Lack of initiative. If you fail to show that you have initiative, you fail to show that you are dedicated and can think originally. You need to work hard and execute your own ideas well so that you are demonstrating your full potential.

  4. Getting Sloppy at a Networking Event. Know your limits and then drink one less. Wine at a business happy hour is not an excuse to relive your frat star days. Stay coherent and smart, even when drinks are served.

  5. Settling for no. If you believe in something, fight for it. If you’re met with resistance and you just give up, it reflects horribly on your ability to be persistent. If you hear a no, just figure out what you can do in order to change that no to a yes, even if it means amending your idea or strategy.

  6. Dressing for Coachella. If you’re at work, dress like it. There is time for short dresses and low necklines, but it is not in the workplace. Stay professional and monitor what you’re wearing.

  7. Oversharing. No one ever wants to know why you have a doctor’s appointment, or why you and your boyfriend sleep in separate beds. Ever.

  8. Blasting your jams. If you’re allowed to wear headphones, please do. No one else wants to listen to your Nickleback, I promise. Remember to always be mindful of your surrounding and your neighbors.

  9. Personal Calls. If you’re at your desk, it is super distracting to everyone around you to have to listen to your call about your mom’s cat or a fight with boyfriend. Keep your calls professional and if something comes up, step outside if you can.

  10. Being ‘The Gossip’. Despite the popularity of Gossip Girl, no one really wants to be friends with the office gossip. Not only is it distracting and unnecessary, it makes you less trustworthy. Try to spend as little time as possible around the metaphorical water cooler and more time focusing on your hustle.

And a bonus for my wonderful readers.

11. Talking about your promotions. If you and your office bff are competing for the same position, don’t talk about it! Work as hard as you can to self advocate without tearing down your friend. Show that you’re the best without destroying them. At the end of the day, who ever is right for the job will get it, if you’re real friends you’ll be happy for whoever gets it.

A Simple How ToDon’t worry if you exhibit some of these qualities. Life is all about self improvement. Don't forget to set your calendar and check out next week’s on confidence.

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