10 Things to Take into Fall

Summer is finally coming to a close with September just a day a way, we can feel the summer air leaving and know there is a cold breeze just around the corner. This time a year makes everyone think of a fresh pack of pens, a new school skirt, and excitement of a new class, who cares if you’re an adult and haven’t been in school for some time?! You may not get to go back to school shopping, but this list will help you take everything you learned during #Summer17.

1. Stay refreshed. hopefully you were able to take a deep breath and take some time off. Don’t let the stretch between July and December become so stressful that you’re begging for a break. Instead, take time for yourself and try to keep that summer relaxation in the back of your head.

2. Stay Active. It doesn’t matter if you’re 70 or 7, it is easier to play in the summer. Don’t let the impending cold air and cloudy skies keep you from being active and engaging with the outdoors. Unless you’re part of the lucky bunch who can go to the beach all year, look for new ways to be one with nature.

3. Have Fun. If school taught you anything, it probably taught you that summer is the most fun time of the year. Hands down. Period. Now that you’re older and you still have to work during the three hottest months of the year, it may not be as fun, but hey it’s still a great time! Keep that sense of adventure close by and don’t forget to let the youth in you shine.

4. Fall Clean. Everyone seems to Spring Clean but what about a good old fall cleaning day. Spend one of your days off sweeping away all of the sand, sunblock, and papers that have piled up. You may not be going back to school, but take this time to refresh as if you are.

5. Cook something new. now you may be saying, how is this career advice? But I promise it is! Whenever I am the most stressed out, I take 45 minutes or so and cook something really yummy and healthy (usually while listening to my favorite podcast). There aren’t many days where I have time to cook and just not think about work, which is very important. Take that time to relax and bonus: you’ll have plenty of yummy, healthy food to eat! Check out these fall recipes here.

6. Set Goals. There are 4 months left of 2017. (It went so quick, I know!) Make the most of the time that you have left to accomplish everything you wanted to do by the new year. 2018 will be here before you know it.

7. Try to meet some #FallFriends. Attend a networking event, go on meetup, online date, text someone you haven’t in years. It is easy to get gloomy as the weather does, meeting new people and being around new energy is a sure fire way to beat cold weather depression.

8. Keep summer friends in mind. Whether it was down the shore or in your neighborhood bar, everyone makes at least one new friend over the summer. Don’t let those people disappear with your tan. Put effort into maintaining your new friendships.

9. Limit your TV time. this is the hardest piece of advice for me to take. As it begins to get cooler and darker earlier it is easy to never want to leave the house. Make an effort to do something more productive and healthier during your downtime. Read a new book, get an adult coloring book, or start bullet journaling. Do something that allows you to be creative during the time you would normally zone out on the couch with a bag of chips and the latest episode of The Real Housewives.

10. Don’t “fall” back to bad habits. I’m going to credit this rather cheesy last piece of advice to my co-worker Elin, who jumped at the pun as soon as she heard it. But for real, it can be tempting to revert back to a stressed out, cold shutin'. By a new sweater and take on the world. You’ve got this.

Many thanks to Elin for her funny pun and to Summer '17 for teaching me so much about myself.

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