What is Diversity and Inclusion?!

If you're anything like me, there was a time where you had no idea what Diversity & Inclusion is. But you're culturally sensitive and want to broaden your knowledge. Or maybe there is something that you want to know more about. Either way, you may find yourself saying, "What exactly is Diversity & Inclusion?". So, we at The Mentor Method have put together a D&I Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Let’s start simple, What does D&I stand for?

D&I stands for Diversity and Inclusion.

And what does that aim to do?

Diversity and inclusion, D&I, is a method to reduce the lack of diversity in the workplace through celebrating cultural and experience differences. This can diversity of thought, age, race, gender, professional experience, and using that to create a space where all that makes someone unique is celebrated and used to create a stronger company.

Is there a difference between diversity and inclusion? (if so what is it? If not, why say both?)

You can’t have diversity without inclusion. They go hand in hand in creating inclusive workplace cultures. Diversity is what makes us unique. Inclusion is choosing to use those diverse perspectives to create a future built on innovation.

How does The Mentor Method implement these principles?

We implement this through everything we do. We created a seamless, easy way for companies to stop settling for hiring diversely for diversity's sake but to create environments where diverse workforce feels included and loyal to the company that they are working. We ensure that D&I is ingrained in the company culture. To learn more see our feature in The Washington Business Journal.

What can someone at an entry level or non-managerial position do to get involved?

This is something that an entry level position can have a big effect on. Ways to do this include: letting their leadership know about The Mentor Method, getting involved in outside D&I efforts, include key decision makers, and make sure that employees from non-diverse backgrounds are included in the conversation about diversity & inclusion. This is a great way for anyone to be a champion for change.

Why is Diversity & Inclusion important?

Diversity & Inclusion is so important because it leads to more innovation within companies. If everyone thinks the same and acts the same, you lose the opportunity to create something new within the company. D&I creates solutions that can reach a broader audience. It also encourages a more lively workplace and more robust environment that can serve greater markets. And Forbes agrees!

Okay, companies have been at this for decades. Why hasn’t it happened yet?

This hasn’t happened because companies are too focused on putting diverse butts in seats and neglecting to think critically about diverse, inclusive environments to get diverse employees to stay beyond their first year-- which is an absolute must. In many cases, D&I efforts get put into the hands of Chief Diversity officers or a small committee, and that is not enough. The Mentor Method’s system encourages all top performers, regardless of management level, to get to know diverse candidates before they are actually hired. This allows everyone to feel that the culture is inclusive and a good match for the candidate. And the millennial generation is changing our predecessors view.

What is the end goal of D&I movements?

Creating cultures where D&I goes beyond high-fiving one and another for hiring a diverse candidate and moves to high-fiving each other because someone who has grit, creativity, and will be an asset to the company. And that person’s diverse background is a second thought. Also, when it is not just about hiring a diverse figure but about reaching for sustainable long term growth.

Is diversity only about race?

Diversity is about so much more than race and gender. It is about experience, socio-economic background, geographic, background/work experience, and generational differences.

We hope that this helped more. If you would like to get in contact with Janice Omadeke to bring this to your workplace, click here. We hope to bring this to your workplace soon!

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