A Simple How To: Start Up

We have gone through being a mentee, being a mentor, office behaviors, diversity and inclusion, and many other life hacks to become the best business person you can be. So what is left?

For the final installment of A Simple How To we will discuss how to know you’re ready to begin your own start up. To do this, we will look at how Janice Omadeke decided she was ready to embark on what she has called her proudest career moment, the creation of The Mentor Method.

  1. When the moment strikes, it strikes. In 2015, just days before Thanksgiving, Janice was performing her holiday tradition of writing thank you cards to everyone who was influential in her career. Over the years the list got exponentially longer and she began to reflect on all of the people who have helped her. As she thought about mentoring, she merged it with the modern world in a way that no one else has really done. She knew that a mentoring program that focused on diversity and inclusion and a fast, technologically advanced world would be something big. In that moment, she knew her brain child would develop. And she trusted that.

  2. Learning from mistakes. When Janice was fresh out of college and negotiating the salary of her first job, she said she would “take anything”. This led to her having to work twice as hard to earn the amount she could have been earning earlier. She takes moments like that and uses them as a templet of knowing how to run her own company.

  3. Build your list of skills. This requires being very self aware and honest. By compiling a list of your skills, you are killing two birds with one stone. You are finding what type of job you would be great at and seeing where the gaps lie. This allows you to know what type of job you are best suited for and where it would be most efficient to hire someone else to do it. For Janice, her strengths include resilience, ideation, sales, building connections, and public speaking. But she hired an experienced developer to assist in building her customizable portal because she knew what would take her 80 hours to complete, there was someone who could complete it in 10 hours. Knowing this will help your startup soar.

  4. Be Honest. First off, be honest with yourself. And be honest with others about how your entrepreneurial journey is coming along. You can’t build an empire if everyone is giving you trophies for being alive. Be honest and take advice when it is given.

  5. Celebrate the accomplishments. When you do something great, celebrate! You deserve it. Take the night, or even just ten minutes, to celebrate something you’ve been working hard towards. Startup land is hard. There are going to be a lot of moments that feel like a failure, so it is important to acknowledge all of the good things you do.

We hope that the A Simple How To series has helped you to navigate some of the hardest parts of being an employee, mentee, mentor, boss, and a CEO. We believe in you! Go out and accomplish your goals! There’s no time like the present to hustle.

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