6 Ways to Destress (& Be Productive)

It’s been a LONG week. You’re a hardworking person who never stops hustling and it feels like it is all catching up with you. You know that you might start aging faster than any president and you really just need a way to chill out and R E L A X. But between your job, your side hustle, your family, your friends, and everything else you have to do, how are you supposed to find the time to relax? We here at The Mentor Method, are happy to help you with 6 ways to destress (while still being productive).

  1. For when you have 15 minutes: Make a list. I know at first this doesn’t sound particularly relaxing, but you have to take your time with it. Put on your favorite music or podcast and take out some fun paper and pretty pens to list all of your stressors. This is still productive and won’t leave you feeling guilty when you’re really in a time crunch.

  2. For when you have 30 minutes: Sit down. Take time to sit down and watch your favorite, funny and light sitcom. Leave the world of stress and work to worry about the zany characters of your favorite silly show. Pick a light one that is easy to stop watching and not particularly binge worthy.

  3. For when you have 45 minutes: Cook a meal. Take time to try a new recipe you’ve never tried before and really enjoy the experience. It’s a win-win because you’ll find that taking your time in the kitchen makes it more relaxing, distracts you from your stress, and you have a nice, hot meal to devour.

  4. For when you have 1 hour: Workout. Nothing feels better than a good sweat when you’re really stressed out. This is open to what makes you feel best, so have some bonding time with your dog on a beautiful hike, sweat out all of your toxins in a spin class, get out some of your aggression at boxing, or put on your favorite Zumba tape. Whatever makes you inspired to push yourself and release some endorphins.

  5. For when you have 2 hours: Friends. Text that one friend you have been meaning to call for months now. It will feel so good to go out and laugh with someone you haven’t seen in awhile. It will be a nice break in the routine that may be slowly boring you to death.

  6. For when you have 3 hours (or more): Snooze. When was the last time you really got to turn the lights off and jump in bed with a few extra hours under your belt. Power down the electronics and shut the TV off, grab a book and get to sleep. Sweet Dreams!

Comment down below what you like to do when you’re stressed!

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