New job for 2018: where to start

Today a new weekly series will be starting aimed at the process of getting a new job for the new year. It’s never too early to start preparing for 2018! We will start from scratch with the very basics of how to find that new job you’ve been looking for.

Maybe you’re just starting out, or you’re looking for a career change and you just need a little extra boost to make you feel ready for it. The Mentor Method can help! This marks the first blog post in a series aimed at helping each of you find the right job. Let’s start at the beginning, where do you even look for a new position?! Take a deep breathe and read these four simple places that you can turn to for that new job!

  1. Your Network. First make a list of every person that you know, think hard about it and include all of your contacts. Now, go through the list and star people that work in the industry you want to go into. Search for their companies and see if they have any job listings. Even if they don’t, reach out to them! A lot of the time, positions are filled before they are even posted. Your connection can keep you in the back of their mind for the next time a position comes up.

  2. Your University. If you are a college student or graduate, this is a really useful tool a lot of people do not utilize. Most schools have an internal job search website that is accessible for alumni as well. The companies who list positions on there are looking for someone from your school, so you already have a foot in the door. If your school doesn’t have this, call your career center, they often can help find a place for you to re-vamp your job search. If you went to a bigger school or are still in the area, there are often alumni networking opportunities which can grow the list of people you know.

  3. Linkedin. Look at the companies that you want to work for and mildly cyberstalk their employees. You might find that you have connections to the company that you didn’t even know about! To learn more about how to fix your linkedin and optimize your results, please check out this post!

  4. Glassdoor. This website allows you to search many cities for jobs in any field. You can upload your resume and easy apply for some positions straight from the site. It also gives you a range of salaries for that position which will help you feel more prepared and get the right job.

  5. Events. Spend your extra time going to workshops and networking events. These can be aimed towards people in your field or just general ones. If you’re in the Washington DC area check out The Mentor Method’s website for updates on events. In Novemeber, you can attend a party celebrating The Mentor Method's 50 on Fire win! Tickets are on sale now. If you're outside of the DC area or just looking for more, you can also check out Network Under 40 which is in six cities.

Remember, connections are key to finding the perfect job for you. It might be a long process, but finding the perfect job is aboslutley worth it!

To learn more and keep up with this series check out The Mentor Method on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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