6 Ways to Show Your Gratitude at Work

It’s that time of year where leaves are changing, Mariah Carey is singing carols, and you can practically smell the turkey roasting in the oven. This month traditionally brings warm thought of loved ones and waves of gratitude for all the people in your life. No matter what your religion, nationality, or holiday traditions, it is great to get into the habit of showing the people who have helped you how thankful you are.

  1. Make your list and check it twice. The CEO and founder of The Mentor Method, Janice Omadeke, keeps a list that gets longer each year. She jots down every person who has helped her on her journey through business. This list is vital to remember each person who helped create and shape the boss you are now. So, pull up your google doc or make a note on your phone and start listing.

  2. Papers and Pens. I know that it is 2017 but who doesn’t love getting mail. If you have the ability to do so, nothing is nicer than a handwritten letter. Head to the nearest Hallmark and pick up a box of thank you notes and start writing. It will mean so much to the person who receives the little envelope full of gratitude!

  3. Charity. Whether you work for a giant corporation or you are your own boss, look for company initiatives that give back to your community. It is important to spend the holiday season helping and giving to those within and outside of your circle. If you don’t see a toy drive or can collection, start one! Be the change that helps the wider community.

  4. Holiday Cheer. Go to that office party! I know that sounds silly and not like real career advice, but if you have just started a job or don’t love the people you work your 9-5 with, spend the sappier time of the year getting to know your co workers better. Spend some time learning about that person who works three desks down, it might even result in making your list longer.

  5. Taking the time. More than anything, everyone wants to know that they are thought of and appreciated. Take advantage of this time of year to show that you are grateful for those that you work with. It will mean the world to your officemate or the colleague that always gives you that extra bit of support to see that you care and appreciate all that they do for you.

  6. Think and then think some more. The holidays are finally here. Before you know it, it will be 2018 and you want to make sure that you are going into the new year right! Think about company initiatives that could help cultivate diverse groups in the office and capitalize on the holiday spirit to push them forward. Look for companies like The Mentor Method that can help create a more diverse and inclusive office!

Happy Thanksgiving, make sure to enjoy that turkey (or tofurkey)!

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