Op-Ed: Path to 2018: With Help

We have made it to the last month of 2017! With a new year right around the corner, we can all make changes to make 2018 the best one yet.

The Mentor Method is all about changemakers who excel in their fields and are filled with ambition, dedication, and drive. Many of us are used to succeeding and knowing all the right answers. With that mindset, it can be a huge challenge to accept help, but the truth is, we all need it sometimes. At my college, I'm part of the honors program which requires students to excel in all fields, with high requirements in every liberal arts field. Students in this program are used to being the best, get the highest grades, being the most involved, and doing it on their own. But the truth is: that can be impossible. Science majors struggle with the history classes as Political Science majors struggle with math. No one is perfect at anything, never mind everything.

Socrates and Plato teach us that knowing the limits of what you know is knowledge itself. So why should top performers feel that they have to have all of the answers? Why is there so much pressure for everyone to know everything all the time and never ask for help? I think it is smarter to go to the people who can help you when you need it, rather than struggle alone.

I know that many of you are out of college but we all face situations where we need help and feel ashamed to ask for it. I encourage you to know the limits of what you know and ask for what you need. Don't just ask someone to solve it for you but ask them to teach you! You'll learn how to do it and be able to help yourself, and others, in the future.

This doesn't mean running to someone every time something is slightly difficult but it does mean that asking for help when you've tried and just can't seem to find the right answer is perfectly okay.

So, make 2018 the year you say "it's okay to ask for help.” That level of vulnerability will allow you to learn new skills and make you a stronger person.

Check back next week to learn how to ask for help

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