How to manage the holidays like a boss

December has gone by in a flash and there’s two weeks left. Hanukkah has begun, Christmas is right around the corner, and New Years follows that. It’s a time of family, hot chocolate, love, and holiday parties. Today we’re going to discuss how to make sure you’re taking time for your family and yourself this holiday season.

  1. Plan ahead. Make sure you know what is on your list of things to get done, and don’t save them up for the night before the big holiday. There’s a lot going on this time of year, but make sure you are getting your projects and work stuff out of the way early.

  2. Put in the time. Get those bigger assignments done now so that you’ll have more time in the week between Christmas and New Years. That’s a slower time in business anyway, as many people are dealing with kids home for winter break, parents in town from Florida, and general holiday festivities.

  3. Take the day off. Even if you own your own business or are a top boss, turn your phone off and enjoy a day with friends and family. Whether or not you celebrate christmas, take the 25th off to relax and be present in the moment. Everything is closed (except Chinese food and the movies) so let that constantly moving mind of yours take the day off.

  4. But don’t totally slack. Don’t write the rest of this month off. Make sure you are still knocking out projects and being a go-getter. Taking your vacation days off is fine, but don’t write of December as a month you don’t need to work. Show your dedication by keeping up with your work.

  5. Spread holiday cheer. If you are anyone with clients, don’t forget about them this time of year. Dropping off a small present of gratitude is a great way to show them how much you care about them, your dedication to their business, and remind them of why you are the right pick. Plus, who doesn’t like getting a little gift.

Have a great holiday season and check back next week to learn how to make 2018 your year for Diversity and Inclusion.

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