Diversity & Inclusion programs push your top performers further

Today, we check in with founder and CEO Janice Omadeke to learn how diversity and inclusion helps top performers stay at the top and continue to improve. Janice explains why programs that create change, and not just conversation about change, actually help your top performers and therefore help your company to succeed in its strongest possible way.

  1. Don’t look for the cookie cutter persona. “Top performers can come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. They don’t all come from an Ivy league school, or have the same socioeconomic standing. Diversity and inclusion projects help allow you get away from the cookie cutter persona to find the hidden gem on your team”.

  2. A better, and new, perspective. “Increasing a company’s diversity & inclusion allows them to broaden their reach to meet the best and brightest talent they haven’t heard of, but should invest time in getting to know, in order to create a sustainable company”.

  3. It really works. “Diverse corporations outperform their peers by 35%, and inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80%”.

  4. And here’s how. “Diversity and inclusion keeps top performing people in the ranks by ensuring the company gets multiple perspectives, views, and ideas to remain competitive in the market. D&I within a company allows diverse top performers not only a seat at the table, but an opportunity to create the next billion-dollar idea that can grow a company faster, expand leadership opportunities, and ensure that they stay relevant for years to come”.

  5. These programs teach essential leadership skills. “If you’re going to lead an organization, or a team, you have to understand how to work, communicate, and train team members regardless of how different they are from you. Exposure to diverse and inclusive teams early on in a top performer’s career can significantly impact how they problem solve, develop teams, and create their own companies”.

  6. D&I helps everyone. “It’s about being inclusive: welcoming everyone, not singling out any demographic because of something they can’t control like age, race or gender.”

  7. Look at the stats. “37% of minority professionals site a lack of inclusion as the top traps for leaving an employer. I created The Mentor Method because of being treated as the “token” woman of color instead of being seen as asset and top performing employee that I was”.

  8. And why certain programs are needed. “For me, I had to learn a lot of soft skills on the fly or through mistakes. I saw many of my non-diverse team members already understand certain soft skills, politics, etc very quickly because their network already trained them on how to adapt to the corporate lifestyle”.

  9. You cannot have the Diversity without the Inclusion. “Diversity and inclusion aren’t binary. There’s a reason they’re grouped together in conversations - because both, when executed properly, can have a profound impact vs being worked on one at a time”.

  10. How it should be done. “Strong D&I programs provide exposure to mentors, professional development, and community that allow diverse employees the opportunity to learn the skills required to be successful now and in the future”.

Check back next week to see how to keep top performers at the top and more!

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