Push top performers further with D&I

Last week, we covered why Diversity and Inclusion is important for top performers with great responses from readers like you. This is important as 37% of diverse professionals site a lack of inclusion as the number reason for leaving an employer. When it costs between 50-400% of an employees salary just to replace to them, companies are wasting and time money each time they say goodbye to a top performing employee.This week we continue the conversation to understand how to identify, motivate, and keep top performers you worked so hard to hire in the first place.

We use three simple words to understand how to encourage your top performers to keep growing. “Mentor, be authentic, and be strategic.”

1. Mentor: Mentor your top performers and those with potential to become top performers with coaching and support. Not just a phone-it-in mentorship program, but a mentoring program that will provide the real truths to leadership and provide professional development opportunities.

2. Authentic: “I’m tired of hearing people say they woke up and became successful, or over-paraphrase how they got to their current leadership position. It doesn’t help the next generation get an understanding of what it will take to get to the next level of their career, and sets an unrealistic expectation of barriers.” says The Mentor Method CEO and Founder, Janice Omadeke. “By being authentic with your top performers, they’re able to set tangible goals, make a plan to reach them, utilize their mentors for support and feedback, and recognize that any overnight success took at least 10 years to get there”.

3. Strategic: Mentoring and professional development programs can’t be something you launch January 1 and forget about by March of that year. Your mission should be constant and you should have a strategy around it. Ask yourself: What does success look like to you? How will you ensure you keep your top performers? What are you tracking to ensure your programs are going smoothly? These are strategic areas to consider when developing a new initiative. Inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80% in team-based assessments

So how do you know who your top performers are? Well, that is subjective. It changes with every company but Janice has found that the key characteristics in her experience have been, “resilience, ideation, problem-solving, autonomy, personable, not afraid to being solutions to problems, honesty”. Spend some time figuring out what is most important to you as the leader of your company and begin to compile your list of key characteristics.

Once you’ve figure out who these people are, keep watering them so that they will grow! In order to do so, Janice recommends mentoring programs. “Mentorship is critical to helping employees become top performers and recognize the potential within him or herself”. The Mentor Method is able to help create and foster meaningful mentorship for your company. Reach out to The Mentor Method here if you want to continue to see success in your top performers.

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