How to make your work team stronger

Here at The Mentor Method we believe in the power of teams. The people that help grow your business, work tirelessly for a company they believe in, and always have your back are vital to growing a strong and successful business. Today, we are going to discuss a few ways to motivate your team, as well as introduce you to some of the amazing people who work for The Mentor Method.

  1. Balance. Here the term balance is being used in a two-fold way. First, there must be a focus on a balanced array of opinions and backgrounds present on your team. To make sure you’re doing that focus on Diversity and Inclusion. Second, make sure your team has a balanced amount of time to spend working together and apart. Too many or not enough meetings will lead to a less productive team that either feels stifled by group work or like they barely know their team members. Find the balance for works for your line of work and your team and don’t be scared if you have to switch it up to tweak it in just the right way.

  2. Communication. Good relationships require healthy communication (yes even work ones!). Find the ways of communicating that work for all people involved. For some people and jobs, frequent emails are an easy and natural form of communication but for others, a cluttered inbox is too unorganized to be effective. Find the form that works best by checking in on what is actually working. Remember, it is important to treat your coworkers and employees with respect while communicating with them. Yelling or being passive aggressive during times of disagreement will only lead to more tension and cause a larger problem to take over.

  3. Trust. What could be accomplished if you can’t trust the people on your team to do the work they are expected to do? You are (probably) not a babysitter and don’t have time in your busy day to breathe down the neck of someone you supervise. If you can’t trust them to do what they are expected to do in a responsible and efficient way, it might be time to move on and find someone you can trust. Try devoting time to create a space of mutual trust and respect by following the tips for honesty.

  4. Honesty. There aren’t enough hours in the day to worry about everything that you say and coming up with ways to tell white lies to protect people’s feelings. When you have something to say be direct, honest, and open. This doesn’t mean tearing into someone who has made a mistake or gotten on your nerves. Instead, employ the method where you give a compliment, followed by criticism, followed by compliment. You don’t have to make anything up but it will protect the confidence of the individual and encourage them to keep trying. Letting someone know they are doing a good job is just as important as letting them know that they are doing things wrong. Check in with your team, be direct, and always stay respectful.

  5. Commitment. Expect commitment from your team and be committed to them. Most people excel at their jobs when they love what they’re doing. If they are committed to your company and love what you do, they’ll produce the best work. Like most things, commitment is a two way street. Make sure your employees know that you are committed to them and believe in them! Try checking in with them to see if there are ways that you can help them out or reinforce their personal and professional goals.

And now with great pleasure, I will introduce you to our team.

Andrew Gassen

Location: Live in Fairfax, VA, work in Washington DC

Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman. Multiple times.

A typical weekend for me: Hanging out with my wife and dogs, working on side projects

My 2018 goals: Launch my online SaaS for helping non-technical founders and teams build tech products, Land 3 paid consulting gigs, Workout more!

Career Inspiration: I'm inspired by anybody who can do what they truly care about and still have a tremendous focus on their family. Everything I do is for my family!

Best advice you've received: God gave us all 2 ears and 1 mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak.

Maya Cade

Location: Washington, D.C.

Last movie you watched: Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire (Shameless Nostalgia.)

A typical weekend for you: Brunch. Vintage furniture & clothes shopping. (... and more brunch.)

Your 2018 goals: For the past two years I've mostly read books by black women. My goal for 2018 is to read the new releases I missed out on by other groups. (But let's be honest, I'm a sucker for autobiographies by black women and will be first in line when Michelle Obama's book drops.)

Career inspiration: I'm deeply inspired by helping brands connect to their full potential online. Honestly, my true career aspiration is to always be in diverse, collaborative environment that fosters a sense of possibility. I truly believe anything is possible with the right team.

Best advice you've received: Always do the best you can, while you can. Thanks Mom

Chelsea Garcia

Location: Mountain View, CA

Last movie you watched: The Ugly Truth (total sucker for a good rom-com)

A typical weekend for you: Typical weekend would be an acai bowl for brunch followed by hanging out in my portable hammock at some new park I probably just found enjoying a romance novel, while also wishing that I had a puppy with me!

Your 2018 goals: My goals for 2018 are to launch my personal brand, which is still in extreme beta phase haha! & to become a frenchie mom!

Career Inspiration: I am inspired by women who are full of passion for change and work hard for a better tomorrow! I also feel energized by new career opportunities that challenge me.

Best advice you've received: Have heart & have hustle.

Sam McCarthy

Location: Charleston, SC

Last movie you watched: Sandra Bullock movie night

A typical weekend for you: Working as a hostess, hanging out with my friends, sleeping in on Sundays, and trips to the library in my sweatpants. And always something to take advantage of the city-- farmers market, ghost tour, beach, rooftop restaurants, parks, the list goes on.

Your 2018 goals: Travel. I have never left the country before and I am going to be going to Israel for 10 days and then off to England for 5 months to study abroad. I hope to see and do as much as possible in Europe.

Career inspiration: As I get closer to leaving

the college world, I am really inspired by friends of mine who made big moves unsure of the future hoping that with enough hard work they would find their way into the right careers.

Best advice you've received: “It’ll all work out”

Keep working on your team! We spend too much of our life at work, talking to colleagues, to not try to make those extremely positive relationships. You need your team and they need you, so work together to make an even stronger team.

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