Lazy Day Productivity

Today is another rainy day in my current home, London. Although not shocking, it's the kind of day that makes me want to stay inside reading, writing, and other relaxing, indoor activities. But, as you all know, the grind doesn't stop. So, what can we do to stay productive even on a lazy day?

1. Clean. This applies to a different level for each person. If you're super organized tackle that one back corner that needs a deep clean. If you're someone who doesn't love to keep everything tidy, start a good podcast or album and get to work. Once your desk, room, or house is in order, you'll feel the productivity increase.

2. Emails. Clean out that inbox! Whether it's the subscription to a grocery store in a town you don't live in any more, or a starred email you keep meaning to go back to, spend some time getting around to deleting, reading, and replying. You might find a hidden surprise in weekly newsletters and emails that you don't normally go through.

3. Meal Prep. Cook yourself something nice and healthy that you can enjoy on those busier days. I recommend finding a new recipe and giving yourself time to have fun cooking, even if it's not something you normally love to do.

4. Catch up. Call an old friend that you haven't heard from in a while or write a letter to your grandparents. Spend a little bit of this lazy day reconnecting with relationships that may have fallen by the way side due to all of your busy days. The incoming love and laughter will prevent the rainy day from getting to your head.

5. Make a list for tomorrow. Sometimes our lazy days make us feel guilty that "real" work is not being accomplished. Instead of letting that stress you, know that today was important and make a list for tomorrow. It will help you feel like you'll be able to get your tasks done in the timeframe of tomorrow and if not, let you know when you need to reschedule them.

6. Take some time. Spend a little bit of today without books, podcasts, music, or TV and allow yourself to be with your thoughts. It could be while you exercise, take a bath, or just look out the window. It's an important part of the day that many of us forget to do because we are so busy with everything we have to get done. With this extra time, don't plan tomorrow or worry about the past, instead allow yourself to relax and check in with your goals and dreams.

7. Go to bed early. One of the mistakes I always make is getting trapped in a book or show way too late into the night. It ends up ruining a lazy day and makes me exhausted for the next day. Don't let yourself fall into the trap. You'll feel so recharged knowing you got all of those little things nagging at you done, you can wake up tomorrow ready to conquer the day.

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