Thank you to our female bosses

Today, we are going to celebrate female bosses and all that they have done for us! This week, I reached out to a few groups of friends to hear their stories of being young women in the work place. To my delighted surprise, a few of my friends replied with stories of wonderful women who have supervised them, mentored them, and inspired them in male dominated industries. With flowers on so many desks in the wake of Mother's Day, I thought we could continue the joy in honoring girl bosses!

The music business world is dominated by white men but women are taking charge. Palomi a college student and intern says, "having young, female bosses who are doing what I am doing is great to see. My supervisor was in her late 20s but she's already a project manager and definitely one of my favorite bosses." Palomi was inspired by a boss she could see herself in. She was able to learn qualities that will aid her future career. "My boss was so on top of everything and she knew exactly how to delegate and helped me feel like I was learning at the same time". Overall, it has inspired a young person who aspires to be in an industry to feel like there is a spot for her. Palomi says, "it was awesome".

Another male dominated industry, athletic training, which is not to be confused with trainers at the gym, has few female bosses. Nicole, a college student, was encouraged early on in her career. In high school, she volunteered with the athletic trainers at her school to ensure that it was the path she wanted to go down. A female trainer encouraged Nicole to keep pursuing her dream. Today, Nicole is in a highly selective program to become a certified athletic trainer. If you ask her about her journey to becoming an athletic trainer, her high school supervisor and mentor still sticks out.

In my own life, the vast majority of my bosses have been men. However, the female bosses that I have had have inspired me to be brave, daring, strong, and caring. Years ago, I attended a panel hosted by The Center for Women. It was stacked with female leaders in male dominated fields. From firefighters to businesswomen, these bosses talked about how many of them did not have any female role models in their workplaces. Many of them were the first women to get to the top, the first women to be a chief of a fire department or CEO of the company. They told their success stories as full of trials and tribulations and hard work, consistently reminding the women in the audience that with each wave of success they cannot forget to pull up other women with them. Some of my friends have only had men as their bosses, some will have to be the ones to push through at their places of work. But, the vast majority of my generation is lucky enough to have had women bump their head on that glass ceiling enough times to make a crack. The women of today who will follow them, will not have all the same barriers because of the bosses that came before them. I am so grateful for my own female bosses, mentors, and teachers, as well as all the other women out there inspiring the young women below them to keep reaching for the top.

Thank you to all the great female bosses out there and let us all hope we become one!

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