June Thoughts about Mentoring and D&I

Happy June! A recent heatwave where I live and the new month have made it really start to feel like summer. As the tradition started by America’s schools, this warmth can’t help but feel like an end. It also is about to be my one year mark working for The Mentor Method. These factors inspired me to take a look at the blogs I have posted. Reading these have helped me see how much I have learned in a year.

If you wish to take a stroll down memory lane with me and refresh ourselves on important concepts, please check out these posts written by a few different authors over the last year.

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Interning at The Mentor Method, which led to weekly blogging, has solidified to me why mentoring is important to diversity and inclusion efforts. On my first day, I said before researching the company, I didn’t even know what diversity and inclusion was. Secretly, mentoring always scared me. Now, I advocate loudly for both. Mentoring allows marginalized people to feel like they have a spot at the top. Giving a person who doesn’t immediately see someone who looks like them in the bosses chair the access to a guide is an effective way to see that person gets to the corner office and continues to shatter the glass ceiling. This is important because diversity breads better results for companies, makes happier work spaces, and can improve the lives of the employees and their families.

I highly encourage anyone who has just stumbled upon this article to read more blog posts, check out the website, and see how you can be an active part in the fight to make your job a better place. I hope all of you are feeling energized and ready to make the changes that need to be made. Remember that it all starts with someone deciding diversity and inclusion is important to them and getting the right team together to make that happen. The Mentor Method can really help with your team and in creating a strategy to make a change.

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