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You are an amazing person with incredible experience but somehow, you've applied to jobs, interviewed and then been told that they found someone else to fill the position. We want to help prevent this heartbreak by teaching you small tips that can really improve your interview game. Whether you are just starting to apply and look for jobs or you are a seasoned pro, these tips will help you achieve your dreams by getting your dream job.

1. Practice your “About me”. It can be nerve-racking to sum yourself up in a short period of time to people you are trying to impress. It is best to have this answer prepared and ready to go. Focus on highlighting your biggest achievements, what makes you special, and where you want to be.

2. Bring questions for the interviewer. My freshman year of college, in one of my first interviews for something big, the interviewer asked "so, do you have any questions" and I said no. She was quick to tell me that I need to have questions at the end of each interview I do. As we know, that is definitely the case. Come up with 5 or more questions beforehand and mentally cross them of as you go along, if any have been answered over the course of the interview.

3.Prepare to explain gaps in your resume. Maybe you took time off to travel the world or you went home for a summer to spend time with your family. Whatever has caused the gap, make sure you are ready to discuss it and explain why it is a strength not a weakness.

4. Have an answer for why you’re the best candidate for the job. This question will be asked directly or indirectly. Be ready to tell your interviewer the answer in a clear and concise way that will stick with them after the interview has ended.

5. Prepare your outfit options 2-3 days in advance. You need to wear something that makes you feel confident and look professional. Remember that just because a company wears jeans in the office, it does not mean that you can wear jeans to the interview. Pick an outfit that will let you feel and look good in advance so that it is not a worry day of. You need that day to focus on your interview itself. Pro tip: if you are going to wear comfortable shoes to walk or drive, pack your shoes in advance so that you don't forget them.

6. Think positively. Let your only "what if" that day be, "what if I get the job". Positivity leads to confidence and confidence leads to jobs. Keep yourself positive and it will go a long way.

7.Tailor your answer to the company you’re interviewing with. If the company website lists a recent win, include a strength or skill-set that aligns to that win. Not only will it show that you did your homework, but that you’re thinking long-term in terms of how you’ll contribute to the company.

Take these interview tips with you to help you conquer the world, or at least your dream job. Good luck on your interview and comment below if you have any other advice or if you used this advice yourself!

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