5 Least and Most Diverse Industries

This week at the BET awards, Netflix premiered a video celebrating strong black leads in their shows. The commercial and accompanying Twitter are celebrating the achievement of black actors and actress who have risen to the top despite the challenges faced by any marginalized person in Hollywood. This operation is spearheaded by a task force at Netflix. Although, there is certainly more that can be done, this commercial focused on the Diversity and Inclusion that has happened. This made me wonder what industries were most and least diverse.

According to Tech.co the 5 most diverse industries are:

1. Retail

2. Transport and Warehousing

3. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

4. Travel, Recreation, and Leisure

5. Aerospace and Defense

According to The Atlantic the 5 least diverse industries are:

1. Legal

2. Social Sciences

3. Arts and Entertainment

4. Sales

5. Education

The five least diverse are around 80% white, as reported by the US Census. The striking lack of diversity in these sectors shows us how much work needs to be done. Learn what you can do to help Gen Z get involved, to know if you have a problem, and how to get your team on board with changing it.

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