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Four Ways to Celebrate National Mentoring Month and Beyond

National Mentoring Month offers an opportunity to celebrate and grow company cultures, advance legislative goals in the workplace, and promote the power of meaningful mentoring relationships.

We’re excited to celebrate a month that empowers and encourages intentional and meaningful changes within workplaces, but we believe the recognition of mentorship shouldn’t be limited to one month. Here are five ways you can celebrate mentoring and implement meaningful change both during National Mentoring Month and throughout the year.

Educate Yourself on the Importance of Mentorship

National Mentoring Month is a great opportunity to educate yourself and your teams about the extensive benefits of mentoring. There are ample high-quality resources at your disposal including podcasts, mentorship workshops and lectures, dozens of books worth reading, and endless journals, articles, and online publications all on the topic of mentoring.

Most importantly, however, remember that education doesn’t have to (and shouldn't) begin and end in one month. Mentorship is an extensive and evolving topic across industries and new resources are made available all the time. If you haven’t yet begun educating yourself about the power of mentorship, start now. If you’re already familiar, why not use this time to intentionally keep your skills sharp? If you need a place to start, check out our blog for resources

Celebrate Your Employee Mentors

Employees that participate in mentorship programs deserve extra visibility and appreciation—especially this month. Though being a mentor is a rewarding opportunity in and of itself, a little extra recognition can go a long way. You can celebrate your employee mentors by handing out thank you notes or gifts, hosting an appreciation party, or collecting and promoting spotlight mentorship stories for sharing during company-wide meetings or internal publications.

Engage with Elected Officials in the Community

Take some time to schedule meetings with local elected officials to share insights into your leadership process, establish yourself and your company as community leaders, and help move the needle on mentorship culture in your community. Whether it’s your community’s mayor, governor, or congressional representative, developing a relationship with local officials can help lead to public cultural change in the workplace and open up more mentorship opportunities for those within your organization and community. Invite elected public officials to participate in events, discuss new legislation that aligns with your company’s values, or ask them to share their own mentorship experiences.

Incorporate The Mentor Method into Your Workplace Culture

Working with The Mentor Method to establish and implement effective mentorship goals for your workplace can be done during National Mentoring Month or anytime throughout the year. Our cultural change management platform helps your company transform employee experience through talent development, performance management, career development, and career management. Our career management software will help improve your company culture and create meaningful workplace change.

Mentorship programs help companies with employee retention, growth and development. Work with our career development platform to celebrate the magic of mentorship year-round.

Ready to change your workplace culture for the better? Schedule a demo with The Mentor Method today!


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