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The Basic Characteristics of a Diverse Workplace

Operating a successful business requires both hard work and the labor of motivated employees. As a business owner, it’s important to remember how important it is to keep your team members engaged. A recent study found that only around 37% of American adults report feeling engaged in their workplace.

An essential component to creating and retaining engaged teams is diversity, as it promotes trust and engenders critical thinking among teams. Studies show that organizations based in trust have employees up to 76% more engaged than those that don’t.

Here are some basic characteristics that diverse workplaces share.

A Well-Organized Mentorship Program

As many as 80% of CEOs report having some for of mentorship during their career, making a clear case for its value to aspiring leaders.

Mentorship programs are designed to help companies retain, engage, and develop underrepresented talent within their organizations. With the implementation of a mentorship program, it’s easier to achieve:

  • Improved employee inclusion rates

  • Enhanced cultural competency among teams

  • Broken silos based on job titles and other demographics

One of the best ways to create and implement a mentorship program is by using an easy-to-use and scalable mentoring software like The Mentor Method.

Employee-Centric Spaces Are Important, Especially for Remote Teams

A sense of belonging in the workplace is paramount to employee retention. However, a pandemic on top of ongoing socio-economic concerns completely changed the landscape of the contemporary workplace. Just a few years ago, creating employee-centric spaces was as simple as scheduling team lunches gathered in the office conference room. Today, however, with employees spread throughout the world, this is no longer so simple.

Today’s workplaces are in the in the centers of homes, coffee shops, and beaches. All that to say: remote teams require more tools for facilitating connection. If you want to make your workplace, remote or in-person, more employee-centric, then consider the following:

  • Creating robust employee networks of communication, such as employee resource groups

  • Allowing employees to set aside time for meditation and mindfulness in their workday

  • Creating meaningful opportunities for connection in and out of work hours

Creating an employee-centric workspace will increase employee satisfaction rates which in turn increases productivity levels.

The Power of Ongoing Training

Providing every employee with ongoing training opportunities is also essential to creating an engaged and diverse workplace. With this ongoing training, you can make everyone that works with you feel included. This training will also make your employees more knowledgeable. A team of knowledgeable and hard-working employees is what you need to accomplish your long-term growth goals.

The Mentor Method provides this framework through a comprehensive mentor/mentee curriculum that facilitates regular check-ins, trainings, and alignments to keep everyone on the same page.

Creating a Diverse Workplace Takes Time

If you want to bring more trust and connection to your workplace, start with creating an effective and engaging mentorship program. Creating and managing a mentoring program will be much easier with the software provided by The Mentor Method. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more about the benefits of our software.


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