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Built for your success

The Mentor Method software helps forward-thinking companies affordably match talent to mentors within their organization, so your talent is more likely to succeed, stay, and grow in their career. 

Proven process

A people-focused methodology that empowers your team to successfully build a mentor relationship. We make it easy to get started and reduce drop-off.


We provide content, resources, and training to take the guesswork out of mentorship. Bonus: you save money in workshop and seminar costs.

Data you can use

You need to prove your success metrics are being met. Your custom dashboard gives you the data and reporting to make smarter business decisions.

How it works

Step One:

Easy enrollment. Employees register with a company-verified email address.

Step Two:

Our double-blind, patent-pending algorithm makes inclusive matches.

Step Three:

Track progress through our platform and proven mentoring system.

Step Four:

Commit to your employees’ growth and engagement while accomplishing your goals.

Provide a top-tier talent experience with plans that fit your budget, timeline, and goals

The Mentor Method makes it easy to create a better mentorship and retention program. Our patent-pending algorithm curates personalized matches for increased engagement.

Your Benefits:

  • Your talent gains the leadership experience to invest in your new company culture.

  • Your stakeholders and customers see you remaining competitive in the market.

  • In the time it would take for research and development, prototyping, pilots, and implementation, you could have leveraged The Mentor Method and seen results.


"I feel incredible to be able to help, and happy for her new career path. And thanks for The Mentor Method to making the connection."


CEO, Digital Marketing Consulting firm

“This is a great product and service you’re providing. What you’re doing aligns perfectly with our internal initiatives. Where was this when I was starting my career?”

Managing Director, Management Consulting Firm

"I'm extremely excited and very thankful to The Mentor Method, and my mentor matches. They were great mentors to me and with their help, I expanded my network, gained confidence about my skills and ability to change career paths." 

Digital Analyst


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