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Assess Your Mentorship Readiness

Unsure if your organization is ready to launch a mentorship program? Review our Mentorship Readiness rubric below and see how the Mentor Method team can help close any gaps!

Mentorship Readiness Driver_edited.png


Need help clarifying the motivation and reasoning behind your mentorship program? Schedule a free 30-minute ideation session with our team on "Establishing Program Goals and Success Metrics". 

Together, we can ask (and answer) guiding questions, compare against best practices and past success stories, and iron out the "Why" that gives your mentorship program purpose.


Want to go beyond "crossing the finish line" but having trouble deciding on the right metrics to determine if your mentorship program was a success? Schedule a free 30-minute data consultation session with our team on "Establishing Program Goals and Success Metrics". 

As a group, we will translate your high-level organizational and program-specific goals into measurable outcomes via the Mentor Method's built-in survey capability -- allowing you to build the 'data engine' you need to measure success and report on it to your leadership.


Still looking for buy-in from your leadership? Struggling to identify and recruit a "Mentorship Champion" with the authority and capital to help solidify support for your mentorship initiatives?

Let us help you "Make the Case for Mentorship" via our one-stop-shop for industry data, qualitative success stories, and resources to make your argument and win the support you need.


First time exploring a mentorship program and don't know where to start?

Drop our team an email and get access to our free set of Mentorship Program templates, our inventory of learning resources, and everything else you need to start from scratch building the right program for you.

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