About Us

We're the only cultural change platform you'll need to empower your people.

The Mentor Method brings teams together by providing tools that increase opportunity, improve culture, and welcome diverse ideas.


To help employers empower their people to achieve their full potential, The Mentor Method platform matches people seamlessly within the organization.


By harnessing the power of mentorship from within, we help enterprise organizations retain, grow and develop talent no matter their location.

Our Vision

A workforce of people inspired to be what they can see

We look like the future of teams.

We're a team of first-generation changemakers that have benefited from mentorship to advance our communities. At The Mentor Method, diversity of thought strengthens our team - and we hope that we can help you strengthen your team too.


Janice Omadeke
CEO and Founder

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Brian Thomas
Enterprise Account Executive

Joseph Kopser

Joseph Kopser
Chief Growth Officer

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Abby King
Sales Development

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Stephanie Lowry
VP, Enterprise Sales

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AJ Montpetit
Product Manager 

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Kela Lester
Marketing Manager 

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Jed Garcia
Business Dev. Analyst