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Mia's Story

"The mentors have been so helpful on a professional and personal level in helping me reach my goals faster than I imagined."



"The Mentor Method was the answer to all of my questions. I have already made

meaningful connections with two different mentors. One provided me with fabulous

advice on how to improve my resume and connect with people who have similar career

interests on LinkedIn. The other gave me impactful tips on networking and has

introduced me to someone who is also passionate about human resources. I am excited to continue learning from both of these women"


My name is Sonia, and I’m a software developer. I was looking for a mentor, because I wanted to get more advice to become a manager at work. Joining the Mentor Method as a mentee was a great decision  for my career.

Not only have I met women who are leading in their fields and companies, but I’ve also met peers with inspiring aspirations for their careers. By talking to my mentors, I’ve been able to shape a future career path through their advice and experiences. Rita and Avelyn taught me strategies to gain more productive feedback from managers and for personal branding to get promoted to the next level.

One of my best moments, was going to leadership at my company to ask for a higher raise.  Organizing my thoughts by talking with Avelyn and Raela helped me make a strong case. Ultimately, my leadership agreed that I should be making the salary I asked for. I highly recommend the mentor method to any women looking for advice to take their career to the next level. 

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